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evil homes

i have been working on a newsprint project the last few weeks and am totally geeked on the idea of communicating old school – who needs anything more than a large format, ink-soaked piece of beautiful design anyway. this is an amazing example of this fact …fine work by benjamin critton. via




i haven’t made a blog post in way too long, but this beautiful alphabet by marin van uhm inspired me. the colors and letterforms are stunning.

paula scher gets serious

french paper by charles s. anderson

amazing body of work that i have always admired. the kind of work you look at wish you did. french most definitely has the most fun and interesting brand in the paper business. bravo to french for letting a brand like this happen and bravo to charles s. anderson for creating such intricate and beautiful work.

agrie paint business card

by extreme group, toronto


keeping in real

muninow, i don’t use the public transit system in sf very much…i am more of a car/taxi/walk/bike kind of a person. but when anna brought this transfer home from a trip on the muni, i was captivated by how old school and beautifully textured it remains. pieces of the sf muni system still live in the past, from the cars to the transfers and i think that is yet another amazing part of this city.

seeing the beauty in a bus transfer may seem difficult, especially when you have waited for 45 minutes for the train to arrive and are now being berated by a drunken transvestite in your seat, but how can you resist these time/location stamps (the 25 in the time stamp absolutely kills me) and the “welcome aboard!” greeting to start your trip across town.