green genius packaging

its been a bit since i have posted some of the things i have been working on, so i will throw a couple things at you. just shot the green genius biodegradable trash bag packaging with our dear friend and collaborator kevin twomey. the product isn’t on shelves quite yet, but expect to see them in the trash bag aisle very soon buried amongst the yellow and orange bursts of Glad and Hefty. the packaging was also featured on one of my favorite design blogs out there, the dieline. besides the packaging you see here, i also worked on the logo, the website and the rest of the brand look/feel which is composed entirely of repurposed and recycled materials that were salvaged from bay area scrap yards and photographed.



4 responses to “green genius packaging

  1. The biodegradable trashbags are a pretty good idea but research has shown that the conditions needed to allow things to biodegrade simply aren’t present in a landfill. I’m sad to say that even these bags will sit intact for hundreds of years just like a regular plastic bag.

    • We have been told that these bags use a new organic additive that makes the plastic edible by microbes (the little micro-organisms that break trash down when buried deep in landfills with exposed to no sunlight)…they have done simulated testing and apparently these bag do in fact break down…there is more detailed info on the Green genius website…I guess only time will tell…I sure hope it’s true though!

  2. ….That doesn’t mean that the packaging or the branding isn’t great though 🙂

  3. At least they will break down eventually, regardless of short-term conditions. Plastic is unfortunately here to stay.

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