Monthly Archives: September 2009

evolution of apple

1977aisforappleridiculously complete collection detailing the sometimes odd history of apple advertising on webdesigndepot.


the little things

photodelicious meal at anchor and hope on thursday night before the bon iver show at the fox theater (which is definitely worthy of its own post, what an amazing space!). the restaurant sits in a downtown sf alley and this sign sits outside the door. This “p” killed me. i sincerely hope a bus boy gunning for a promotion created this.

dirty milkmaid

milkmaid02sm_fullthe milkmaid by studio oooms is so clean, yet so dirty. inspired by johannes vermeer’s innocent painting ‘het melkmeisje’ (the milkmaid). if i ever find myself in need of a ceramic dildo, this is my choice.

point / shoot : antigua



2433257992_d0f3004f9b_ojust purchased two new bikes for the wife and myself. they were quite expensive and after losing four bikes in the last three years (three to thieves, one to my landlord’s mini cooper) i have been kind of obsessing with bike security. i’ve done a fair amount of research on proper bike security, what works, what doesn’t and i got our shit on lock down this time. anyways, just saw this image on one of the sites and it put a smile on my face. if there are any bike thieves reading this. get a job and quit ruining other people’s day.

king of kong

watched it this weekend. what documentary film making is all about. even if you aren’t into video games, the characters and subculture it reveals are quite amazing. billy mitchell is a dick.

point / shoot : sf bay

sf_livei finally replaced my broken camera with a new lil canon point and shoot canon. it is the size of a credit card, so it is super easy to just bring with me everywhere i go, which i try to do. there is something about the randomness of the shots i get with this camera as opposed to the refined and calculated shots i may get with a fancy digital slr that is quite endearing to me. i will upload shots that i feel capture this feeling here…

i’m not usually one to shoot flowers or birds or the like, i usually find myself capturing a peeling piece of signage or a sewer grate. but this one was taken on a friend’s fishing boat in the sf bay…without a doubt, i live in one of the most photogenic cities in the world, so it is quite easy to pop off some amazing shots of nature meeting the city.