Monthly Archives: November 2008

man tries to pay bill with spider drawing



gj chair














due to the complexity of grete jalk’s original chair design, only around 300 copies were originally produced. only a few remain in existence today. they are now being reproduced in the original wood species, teak and oregon pine in denmark. the folds that the wood takes on here to create the chair’s form are quite amazing. i haven’t had the opportunity to take a seat in this chair, but it also looks quite comfortable and suited to the human form.

ryan wallace














ryan’s use of simple lines and shapes create insane and unexpected environments. can’t quite tell whether these would be the worlds that live in my dreams or my nightmares. either way they are splendid to me.

this woman can’t catch a break.

directly after a ceremonial thanksgiving turkey pardoning in alaska, sarah palin drones on as they slaughter turkeys directly behind her.

print is not dead.












by ignited.

murder machine


matthew inman is one funny mofo. i strongly urge you to click this link. this piece along with the others on his site are pure comedy (with nice illustration to boot.)

kevin twomey







haven’t posted any of my work in a bit, so i figured I would throw this guy up because it just got some loves and was chosen for the 2009 HOW international design annual. it’s a logo for photographer kevin twomey. kevin is a fantastic commercial and fine art photographer we have worked with on numerous projects at HUb.

in speaking to and working with kevin, we discovered that people always mispronounce his last name. so we tried to help by creating a logo system that used creative phonetics to simply spell it out. this mark works in conjunction with his full name spelled out using a similar type treatment. you can see an example of how it is used in the promo mailer below…we used the same system for his commercial and fine art portfolio package and soon to be letterhead which i am currently working on. big ups to peter, my design director, on this work. wouldn’t have happened without his input.