eames side shell










we just ordered our new dining room chairs from modernica. they are one of the only manufacturers still producing the classic eames molded side shell in fiber glass as the originals were made. after flip-flopping on a number of the color options, we decided on the natural. it is beautifully simple, pearlescent and semi-transparent all at the same time. It plays quite nicely with our newly upgraded dining room table, which is now heavy black metal and glass. we bought the original metal (steel?) frame with a less than desirable veneer table top 2 years ago at the goodwill, so i removed the top and bought a 1/2” piece of polished glass to replace it. this very important purchase was made much simpler by the amazing duo at inside modern who let us take home a couple different chairs to make sure they worked with the table and space (they were absolutely amazing—they would have let us take home every chair in the store if we wanted to).

you are all invited over for dinner to sit in them and celebrate. this new furniture fetish of mine is going to get me in trouble, i can already sense it.


2 responses to “eames side shell

  1. Thanks for the Modernica tip. Been looking eames side shell fiberglass chairs FOREVER!

  2. They look great in your place p.s.

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