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take a seat














from the take a seat website: take a seat is an ongoing series of public furniture installations aimed at increasing the availability of seating options in new york city subway stations. perfectly functional chairs are rescued from trash piles and reassigned to stations where limited seating options leave subway patrons no choice but to stand for extended periods of time.

take a seat creates value simply by relocating an object to a new location. rescued chairs – once liabilities – become assets with little to no effort.

seating solutions installed for take a seat are not affixed to mta property in any way, opening up opportunities for collaboration with subway patrons who, if they take the initiative, may continue the project by installing the chairs in other locations that could benefit from more seating options.

why? more than 5 million riders pass through the new york city subway system every day, sometimes waiting as long as an hour or more for their trains. unfortunately, benches intended for waiting passengers are sparse and inadequate, leaving many riders standing. according to nyc mta’s founders, “the subway should be an inviting and pleasant environment, geared to the user, with the highest levels of design and materials.” i agree! what is more pleasant than sitting while waiting for your train?


fuck the rain











brooklyn-based designers carlos salgado and bart bettencourt have created a beautiful, cutting-edge line of furniture by collecting wood scraps from various lumber mills, and recycling those scraps (which would otherwise be headed for landfill) into their stunning minimalist pieces. at this point, the scrapile line includes tables, benches, stool, shelving, crates and lamps, all made out of their signature striated material.


















i honestly think i just love it.

bamboo spring chair

the bamboo spring chair designed by anthony marschak. the chair is a single sinuous ribbon of 100 percent laminated bamboo.

paul rand













took a paul rand book off the shelf this week. another designer was using the IBM logo for a poster concept at work this week. it got me thinking about the amazing longevity and iconic status marks such as this have achieved. many from rand himself.

it’s been a while since i’ve flipped through the pages of rand’s work, the striped spine of one of his books stares at me from the book shelf and begs me to pick it up now and again.

take a moment and wade through his work online. whether you are a designer or not, whether you’ve seen it a hundred times or never, it is a pure joy.

dessert for geeks







these are strange, wonderful, timely and delicious at the same time. i haven’t posted any food here yet, so i figured this could be the time. these things won a cupcake decorating championship. what have your cupcakes done?