green genius











i was charged with creating a mark for a new biodegradable bag company. it had to be green and smart. i wanted to do something different. something that did not fall into the generic green branding that is beginning to sweep through our store shelves. an abstract leaf, patch of grass, earth or tree was not the goal. so i took the tree you might expect to see and strapped it to this guy’s dome. i am also designing the packaging for the entire line of bags and will post them once they are completed.

in working on this project, i have been exposed to just how important the issue of the trash we leave behind is to the planet. the realities of us starting to think about how we exist and the footprint we leave is of the utmost importance. the fact that the trash bags we’ve used for years NEVER biodegrade, is staggering. therefore, they are sitting in landfills and contributing to the giant mass of plastic floating in the pacific ocean. i don’t want to preach, but every little bit helps. ok, im done now.


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