scott hansen for obama











the obama campaign has commissioned many artists to create posters for the cause, most famously shepard fairey’s “hope”. i found this piece by san francisco based artist scott hansen quite beautiful and inspiring. i tried to pick one up, but they sold out quickly and are now on ebay for much more than they were originally sold for.

looking at this as we are in the midst of the democratic convention has really gotten my head spinning with the party’s current division fueled by the hillary factor. it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the thinking that if you cannot vote for hillary clinton, you must abandon the party that was once supported to either lay dormant during election time or vote for another side. this viewpoint feels extremely selfish to me. to think that you’d rather stand by your guns which are now lacking any ammunition to prove a point that ignores the bigger picture is ridiculous. i hope to god we can all unite so together very soon and change the unfortunate direction the last eight years has taken us in. i just hope we do not come together too late. the time is now.


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